How to Leverage Social Media Marketing for Architects?

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How to Leverage Social Media Marketing for Architects?

Have you ever thought about what social media has to do with Architects? Sounds familiar, right? Suppose you are still relying on old-school marketing methods to promote your architectural firm or yourself as an architect in the industry. In that case, you should revive your marketing strategies and count on social media for ultimate results.

But how do social media help in marketing? Do you need to take an additional course for marketing on social media? Don’t worry; we understand it must be daunting for you to spend time learning social media or taking classes in marketing. Therefore, we are here to provide some practical tips for employing social media marketing for architects. 

So, gear up to find out some remarkable benefits of social media and how it can be the asset you are longing for.  

What is Social Media Marketing for Architects?

Social media has revolutionized the way of promoting and branding businesses. With 60% of the world’s population hanging on social media, it is the prime time to leverage social media marketing for architects and their firms. But what can social media do for architects?

It has been researched that architects spend 1 out of 6 minutes on social media. With this greater usage, it can be an absolute opportunity for architects to market themselves and reach a broader client base. 

Social media allows a cost-effective marketing approach for businesses struggling to promote their products and services to their target audience. For architects, using social media would benefit them by branding their services and getting many sales and orders to generate significant revenue. While many architects believe in word-of-mouth marketing methods for their brand promotion, they end up finding little to no projects to increase their sales. 

It’s obvious that with more than half of the population using social media, your clients must be seeking valuable architectural services on various social media platforms. Then why not grab their attention from where they are? Therefore social media marketing for architects can be really helpful for branding your services, fostering customer engagement, and driving business growth. 

Why is Social Media Important for Architects?

Out of many other reasons why social media marketing is a must-have strategy for architects, brand awareness stands tall. With social media in hand, architects are able to seek useful prospects to market themselves and their companies on social media, catering to a vast audience by catching their interest and enticing them to your business. 

In fact, Statista reports that social media marketing has been a real game-changer in expanding brand exposure. It means that you no longer have to spend money on conventional marketing methods hoping to get a mere response.

Social media enable architects to post about their services on social media by leveraging different platforms and putting their brand in front of their target audience. Doing so helps you reach customers from all around the world without worrying about location barriers. 

Social media also helps architects in building credibility for their brand by being at the center of customer reviews and feedback which gives your target audience a signal to trust your company and services. 

For example, if you are a professional architect, you could use social media to engage with existing clients and leverage their trust and reviews to seize new ones. 

How to Do Social Media Marketing for Architects?

Allowing social media to improve your brand’s awareness and create a solid reputation of yourself as an architect demands the implementation of practical strategies. It’s not just about using social media for marketing but using it the right way possible to hinge on getting exceptional outcomes. 

That’s why we have compiled the proven best social media strategies for architects, which lets you seek the true potential of your services. By the end, you’ll have learned all the methods to market your architectural services on social media. So, let’s take a look at how each tip could help you get closer to your desired results!

1. Plan Your Social Media Strategy

Before diving into the vast sea of social media, you must prepare and get your essentials ready. Like the way you always plan before starting your architectural projects, it’s necessary to create a robust social media marketing strategy for your business.

Social media is not only about creating accounts and posting randomly. Assume it as the face of your architectural firm, which needs to be compelling and effective. You don’t always have to focus on selling and promoting your services on social media, but your primary focus should be reaching the maximum number of clients and encouraging them to come to your business. 

You must research the viral marketing trends in your industry as well as your target audience and their expectations of your services. For example, you can perform a comprehensive competitor analysis to know what social media strategies your competitors are capitalizing on. It helps you create a powerful social media strategy to stand out from your competition and attract as many customers as possible.  

Moreover, you should also consider identifying your social media goals. It could be like creating an effective brand presence, expanding reach, driving website traffic, and forging customer relationships. With clear goals in your mind, you will be able to achieve dedicated outcomes from your social media campaigns. 

2. Choose the Best Social Media Platform for Architects

As we’ve said earlier that planning your social media strategy could help you in aligning your overall efforts to yield successful outcomes. There is no such platform that we can claim is best for architects since you must have your own unique goals and target audience.

For example, you can utilize Facebook to build your brand community and reach a vast audience. At the same time, you can use Instagram and Pinterest to post compelling visual content about your services and attract a young audience. 

With 2.9 million monthly active users on Facebook, you can always have the benefit of attracting a larger customer base and building strong relationships with them. Instagram and Pinterest, on the other hand, allow you to increase your brand visibility and entice your customers through eye-catching visuals and relevant hashtags. 

Additionally, LinkedIn is also one of the useful social media platforms for architects to link with industry professionals and share valuable content and information about their services and company. You can create your business profile and Linkedin to connect with professionals seeking design services and promote yourselves as the best option available to them. 

Moreover, architects can leverage paid social media advertising methods to catapult their brand in front of potential clients. In fact, according to renowned digital marketer Niel Patel, “If your marketing objective is to increase brand awareness, paid social media should be part of your strategy.” It means that social media platforms and their respective features could help establish a powerful presence of your brand on the internet. 

3. Craft Noteworthy Content

Since every business on social media is making sure to reach a wider audience by creating compelling and influential content, it’s your sign to focus on creating content for your architectural brand that truly matters. 

To do this, you need to start researching the practical ideas that work for your target audience. For example, you can start with pictures of your projects, 3D animated videos, and before and after compilations to draw your audience’s attention and ask them to visit your profiles for an insightful experience. 

In fact, 93% of businesses have achieved a solid new customer base through video content on their social media pages. You must start creating intuitive visuals to help your audience understand the true potential of your business. 

Moreover, you can also create infographics and even humorous posts about your services and company to connect with your audience on a personal level. Informative blog posts are also helpful in marking your territory in the minds of your target audience by revealing facts and information about architectural services and their enlightening benefits.

But must remember to deliver a smooth user experience by optimizing your posts for fast loading times and mobile devices. 

4. Focus on Engagement 

Engagements are the driving force for any social media marketing for architects’ strategy. No matter how good and compelling your social media profile is, you might struggle to achieve desired results if you’re not working on improving your user engagement. 

You must ensure to promptly cater to your audience’s responses by asking about their feedback and replying to their comments and queries. Most companies ignore their customers’ comments and reviews, negatively affecting their reputation and image. 

Moreover, you can also create polls and contests to drive customers to your posts to ensure that your brand promotion is impacting the minds of your potential customers. You can even arrange a Q&A session showcasing your competent team members, building an authentic brand image for your audience. 

5. Remain Consistent 

Being consistent throughout your social media marketing journey could help bring tremendous benefits to your business. Therefore, you need to ensure to post consistently on your social media pages experimenting with different content and visual styles. 

However, it’s important to note that posting on social media doesn’t mean posting randomly and at all times. But research for the optimal times and days for various platforms, such as Thursdays and Fridays at around 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., is the perfect timing for posting on Facebook to get the ultimate response. 

Moreover, you must create a content calendar and schedule your social media according to upcoming events and viral trends. It will help you align your social media efforts with future updates and advancements, making sure that you leave remarkable footprints behind. 

6. Host Virtual Events and Seminars

Hosting virtual events and seminars is also one of the effective social media marketing strategies for architects. These online events could help you share information about your company and services, expanding your reach and encouraging visitors to connect with your brand. 

You must ensure to highlight the unique expertise and experiences of your architectural service during these live events. Instagram and Facebook Live are the best options for hosting virtual events. You can even communicate directly with your customers through these events and webinars. Also, make sure to post insights and information about these events later on your social media pages. 


In a nutshell, with the proper usage of social media for marketing your architectural business, you can achieve astonishing benefits and enjoy great success for your business. Enforcing the above social media marketing tips for architects will give you the opportunity to retain your existing customers, attract new ones and build your brand reputation online. 

However, we are here to lead the way if you still need support in employing a robust social media strategy. So, contact us now or book your consultation to market your architecture business profitably. 


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