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Terms and Conditions for SEO Brisk

The following terms and conditions have been developed by SEO Brisk to govern the use of our services. You are obliged to accept these terms and conditions in order to use our services. However, If you disagree with any condition, you must refrain from continue using our service.


SEO Brisk is a dedicated SEO agency that is responsible for providing search engine optimization (SEO) services to boost your website’s rankings and enhance its online presence. Thus, Our specialized SEO services include a wide range of optimization services, including keyword research, website audit, content creation, link building, and technical SEO.

Client Responsibilities

It is required to provide the accurate and latest information about yourself and your business to effectively use our services. Furthermore, You will be liable for any information, content, and data that you have provided us to continue using our SEO services.


As you are aware of the ever-changing guidelines and algorithms of search engines, For this reason, we can not promise or claim any results that go beyond our control. However, we strive hard to deliver the best possible results for your business success.

Payment and Billing


To avail of our services, you must align with our pricing structure and agree to pay the required payment. However, our pricing structure may vary on the basis of the scope of work, time duration, and in case of any additional services requested.

Invoicing and Payment Terms

The agreed-upon fees and the payment plan will be specified in timely invoices. Unless otherwise defined, invoices are due and payable within prescribed days from the date of the invoice. The currency that was agreed upon should be used for payments.

Late Payments

Services may be stopped or terminated as a result of late payments. You will be liable for any collection expenses or attorney fees the Company incurs in the event of non-payment.

Intellectual Property


We reserve all intellectual property rights that include copyrights, trademarks, and proprietary information which has been solely belonging to us.


You will be able to access our services, including all the deliverables, after signing the agreement with us to achieve your business goals. Moreover, this agreement remains limited, non-exclusive, and non-transferable during the dedicated term of use.



You and we, Both parties, must consent to preserve the confidentiality of any proprietary information that is being shared as part of our service. This information could be about trade secrets, business strategies, client information, or any other personal information that is required to remain intimate.


However, you may share the public business information that is required to reveal for prospective situations. Moreover, you are needed to disclose the information if directed by the government or law orders.


Termination by Either Party

Any party reserves the right to end this agreement at any time by giving the other party written notice. Any fees incurred up until the termination’s effective date are your responsibility after termination.


Our confidentiality clause will remain affected even after the termination of this agreement. So you are required to must protect the intellectual property information at all times.

Limitation of Liability

Disclaimer of Warranties

We are not obliged to provide any warranties or representations on the basis of our service effectiveness, reliability, and sustainability for your specific business needs. Therefore, We remain transparent throughout the process.