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Our SEO expert uses a keyword funneling approach to group each set of words and phrases related to the intuitive step in the customer's experience. Every keyword that a visitor enters into Google has a target and purpose behind it. And strategy lies in understanding your visitor's target and purpose with keywords to grab and give what they are looking for.


We are offering continuous keyword tracking services and software tools that determine the worth of your keywords so we can work accordingly to adjust the strategies as required. This brings the keyword strategy full circle as we continue to optimize your site search strategy.


Targeting similar keywords as your competitors will never give you an upper hand in the ranking game. Thinking out of the box to grab the visitors is what keyword research is all about. Our experts look deep into the millions of Google search queries for supposed "Golden-nugget keywords," which are the words & phrases that offer the highest probability to convert.

Keyword Research Services
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Persuasive Animated Videos

Our team of animation specialists transforms monotonous images into engaging motion graphic videos and purposeful whiteboard animations that work to enhance business reputations worldwide.

We create animated videos for your business in line with the changing dynamics of the digital community. At SEO BRISK. the emphasis is on animated content which is persuasive and helps your business to generate response at a much faster pace. The bottom line: commitment is our faith, help us help you unleash your true potential.

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    Why do you need Keyword Research Services?

    A good keyword strategy is not only important for your website, it's critical. As the researchers suggest, 81% of consumers conduct detail online research before making any purchase choice. Prominent visibility in a search engine is important to create reliability and confidence with your customers. Knowing the exact search intent behind the terms your target audience is using is important to understand in order to find opportunities that can potentially convert visitors into buyers.

    Result-Oriented Keyword Research Services

    As a leading SEO service provider, we invest in the latest keyword research tools to better serve our customers in their SEO edges and keyword research projects. We save you a lot on these tools. For prominent and fast business growth, we also help you monitor social media trends and hashtags to identify new trending phrases online. Moreover, we not only offer a collection of keyword research tools and solutions but the proficiency in controlling these technologies in a way that can benefit our customers with opportunities to grow their digital revenue and traffic.

    Affordable Keyword Research Services

    Our prices depend on many factors, such as business size, the effectiveness of the market and (size of site/web pages), and other determinants. However, we believe in offering customers prices that are low and easily affordable. We are offering our customers different pricing packages that will never cost a lot in their pockets. Contact Us and get detail to discuss the pricing packages that we offer.

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    get a free 30-minute strategy session
    White Hat Keyword Research Services
    We only use a white-hat approach to keyword SEO services, which means our experts think beyond simply rank the site high on search engines. We are focus on creating an admirable human experience with our strategy and planning. We as a team offering White hat keyword research services, guarantee that your site stays well within the rules and guidelines defined by search engines while providing an optimized user experience. However, executing white hat keyword research may take more time, but eventually, it gives higher and better results. It's is significant that you take that time and really think about the terms you want to rank for, as the White Hat approach is the right approach.
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