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If you are looking to organize an event and want more people to attend it, then you need to optimize your event for the search engines to make it appear higher on the result pages. With the help of our specialized SEO for events strategies, you can increase your event visibility and attract your target audience. With the increasing competition for marketing events, it is  becoming highly imperative for event planning companies to make optimal efforts and stand out from their competition. And without a strategic SEO plan, it is not possible to rank your event on search engines like Google. So let’s dive in and discover how SEO can make a difference in your event planning business!

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Importance of SEO for Events: The Key to a Successful Event Marketing Strategy!

Let’s say you have been planning for an event for months, and you have made every step in promoting it by sending out countless emails, plastering posters all over the town, and creating a robust online marketing campaign, but you are still scratching your head and wondering why your attendees are still less than expected. Now you need to ask yourself whether you have implemented SEO strategies for your events? If not, then there lies the problem!

Now we know what you are thinking, “SEO? How this applies to my event planning business? “ But hear us out. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the ultimate way to rank your event at the top of the search engine results. It lets your event get noticed easily by your potential customers and those who are actively searching for the events like yours.

Let’s picture this; you are moving to a new city and excited about attending events there. Now what will you do? Obviously, search for the upcoming events in that city on Google, But you aren’t getting the events that you like in the top results. That’s because these events are not optimized with the proper SEO for events venues techniques and therefore fail to appear for the relevant searches.

Now let’s take another example, you’re planning for a food festival in Texas. Now you want to target the potential audience that is interested in attending a food festival. To do this, you need to optimize your website by incorporating relevant keywords such as “food festival in Texas” in website content and structure or to target a broader audience; you can also use keywords like “food festival.” It will help your event show up in the search results when people are looking for those specific terms.

But along with higher rankings, it is equally important to make sure that your attendees are getting a better experience while visiting your event website online. You can do this by providing the necessary details about your event to ensure that your potential attendees can get what they are searching for and ultimately make the decision to attend.
While most other factors are essential for creating a successful SEO strategy for your events, Event schema Markup is just one of them. It may not be the most striking or exciting part of your SEO, but it is absolutely a necessity for events SEO. 

But you might be wondering about what the heck Schema Markup is. Well, let us tell you that schema markup is the process of adding structured data to your website code that provides search engines with information about your events. For example, the type of information that you could incorporate into your schema markup includes your event title, location, date and time, and the relevant web pages for acquiring tickets and other information. 

Event schema markup can help search engines understand your event page and they are likely to index it higher on search results. But what makes Schema Markup so important for events SEO? Let us clear out your views with an example. Let’s say you have searched for “music festivals in florida” and got two events in the search results. Now the one has provided a clear and useful information about the event because it has implemented schema markup while the other one does not have any structured data. So which event you are most likely to click on? 

The one with the event schema markup, Right? By adding more information about your event in search snippet, you can make it easier for the potential attendees to discover your event and engage with it. Not only that, Your event can also appear in Google’s event packs and carousels by leveraging event schema markup.
Google event pack and carousel are both features of search engine results pages that are used to display upcoming event based on the searcher’s query. However they do differ in some features.

The google event carousel is a specialized scrolling carousel of event listings that triggers when the relelavnt search goes in. It typically appears on top of the organic search results. It relatively includes much greater number of events than event pack while efficiently displaying the thumbnail image, event title, date and time. Although when a user clicks on an event to view more about it, it takes the user to a new page of search results. 

On the other hand, the event pack typically shows two to four results and also appears on top of the organic results. It is more likely like a local listings. The events in the event pack only displays the basic information like event title, location and time. However, when a user clicks on the events that appears in events pack, it takes them to search experience ultimately taking you to the event pages that Google has ranked. 

The interesting thing is the fact that both of these features are crucial for events SEO. While appearing in the event pack will help your event show up in localised search results and draw people in your area, while featuring in the carousel can give your event a significant visibility boost and help attract more potential attendees.

SEO Brisk Services for Events - How Can They Be Great?

We at SEO Brisk know that every event company has its own unique goals and objectives that’s why we are experienced in tailoring our SEO approaches based on your needs and preferences. Moreover, we also offer a range of services for the event planners and organizers looking for ways to make their events noticed by potential audience.

As part of our SEO services for events companies, we perform in-depth keyword research to ensure that your event is targeting the right keywords and phrases. Additionally, we are expert in content writing services that helps in engaging your potential clients and enhances user experience. So, if you are planning to organize a small local event or a large-scale carnival, SEO Brisk is here to help you with our expertise and experience in providing dedicated SEO services for events.

How Useful Keywords Can Get for Events SEO?

Keywords are like the secret sauce in events SEO. These words or phrases can help boost your events ranking and entice more potential attendees to click on your event, making your event a huge success. But it is important to play wise with these keywords as they can make or break your events SEO.

Our professional SEO experts understand the capabilities of the keywords and thus provides exceptional keyword research services to help event planners target the right people. As part of services, we closely work with you to understand your event’s unique features, target audience and goals to use this information while creating a keyword strategy for your events.

But our keyword research is just not limited to finding the best keywords, Instead we make sure to utilize these keywords at the right places in your website content and structure so that search engines would not penalize your website perceiving you as an unautoritative resource. And the best part? These powerful keywords can not only effectively improves your SEO rankings but also help you understand your audience better. So let SEO brisk help you find the right keywords to attract more attendees and bring success to your event.