How Social Media Marketing for Car Dealerships Can Be Done?

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How Social Media Marketing for Car Dealerships Can Be Done?

Have you ever wondered why every business is moving towards social media? From airlines to Airbnb and actors to musicians, all professionals and businesses are making their moves to navigate the exciting realm of social media.

Social media marketing for car dealerships is in the rage right now, with 84% of all automotive shoppers on Facebook looking to buy cars online. But with so many car dealership businesses vying to get attention on social media, how could you stand out from your competitors?

This blog highlights the true essence of social media for car dealing companies and how you can create your own social media marketing strategies. So, let’s get started!

Why Social Media Is Important for Car Dealerships?

Did you know that 75% of car buyers tap into the internet, including social media, to buy a car? This adds to the fact that Today, people are more into relying on social media for car recommendations and research to smoothen out their buying journey.

Therefore, it’s important for your car dealership business to leverage social media for marketing your cars and bringing more customers to your profiles. By posting attractive visuals and compelling content on your business’s social profiles, your customers will find it appealing to visit your online stores and forge car dealings.

Social media also allows you to create your brand awareness and beat your competition in the industry. When your customers engage with your social media content, they will likely remember your brand and come back to your account whenever they need to purchase a car.

Moreover, social media marketing for car dealerships also helps in strengthening customer relationships and fostering trust among your audience. When you actively showcase your company’s values, it will boost more conversions and loyalty among your potential buyers. Also, social media is a cost-effective approach for car dealerships who are avoiding spending huge amounts of money on conventional marketing and advertising methods.

What Is the Best Social Media for Car Dealerships?

With around 4.9 billion users, social media serves as the digital gateway for car dealerships to expand and grow their business endeavors. There are various social media platforms, each working for different purposes and delivering distinct results. However, choosing which platforms work best for a car dealership depends on your target audience and marketing goals.

You must know which platform is most preferred by your potential customers to research and buy a car. You can also do this by analyzing your competitor’s approach and knowing which platforms they are using to target potential customers.

Facebook and Instagram are visual-centric platforms that have the power to showcase your cars in a more appealing way, making customers deal with your business. There are currently 2.9 billion monthly active users on Facebook, meaning that you have a high chance of getting featured in the feeds and stories of your potential customers while posting content on Facebook.

Moreover, YouTube and Pinterest are also great options for showing your cars and grabbing the interest of your target audience. Although every other social media platform is there to promote your brand, you need to make sure that whatever platform you choose works great for your business.

How to Do Social Media Marketing for Car Dealerships?

Well, it is easier to make your social media accounts, but quite challenging to stand apart by posting relevant and compelling content. We aren’t saying that you need some additional courses to create your social media marketing strategy. All you need to do is follow the guidelines that we’ve enlisted below and catch on the potential of social media marketing for car dealerships.

1. Identify Your Goals

Before starting to build your social media marketing efforts, it’s important to identify your marketing goals. When you have a specified goal in your mind, you will be able to align your efforts, which consequently takes you closer to your goal. Whether you need to build brand awareness or are looking to increase your conversions, you must analyze your expectations with social media marketing.

You need to decide with SMART goals that centered around making your goals specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. For example, if your goal is to drive 2x conversions for your business, you sign up to use social media to effectively promote your cars and encourage more customers to buy them.

2. Know Your Target Audience

The next step is to know who your target audience is and how you can strike their emotions with your content. Most car lovers are hanging out on social media to research their favorite car and buy it to add the perfect car to their collection. You need to understand how your audience reacts to car promotion videos and images and what makes them purchase a car online.

These details about your potential customers will help you in crafting the content tailored to their needs and preferences. When your audience finds value in your content, they are likely to stick to your profiles and even make conversions that are suited to their interest. Make sure to know the demographic, such as age, income level, and user behavior of your target audience, to precisely focus on creating content that works best for them.

3. Create Compelling Content

Social media marketing is nothing without good content. You must craft high-quality, laser-focused content to attract more customers to your social media profiles. Experiment with different ideas such as images, videos, carousels, and reels to showcase your cars in a visually appealing way.

You can hire influencers for a test drive and ask them to share words about your brand on their profiles to connect with a broader audience and bring more potential buyers to your business page. Make sure to work on visuals and utilize various tools to edit and enhance your marketing content.

Moreover, highlight your brand image by storytelling. You can share various positive aspects of your business, including spotlighting your employees, dealers, and customers and sharing their experiences with your company. 

4. Use Paid Socials

Social media advertising is another useful benefit that can help car dealerships attract maximum customers by placing their ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You can explore various targeting options that come along with these ads, including choosing your audience demographics and user behavior and split-testing your ads to find what works best for your audience.

Moreover, these social ads also require minimum costs and effectively target your potential customers by appearing in their feeds and stories. In fact, Facebook ads have the power to bring plenty of customers to your business website, encouraging them to make conversions.

5. Post Consistently

Social media demands consistency. It is required to make constant efforts to create and post content on social media. For example, if you are creating your business profile on Instagram, then you must post twice a week to remain on top of the minds of your target customers.

Make sure to avoid taking your social media followers for granted since when you stop posting content, they will likely move back from your profile. You can utilize different content calendars and management tools to organize and schedule your content. Research for optimal times for posting on various social media channels to get an effective response from your audience and boost engagement.

6. Get Involved with Your Customers

Along with posting your social media content, it is important to focus on connecting and engaging with your customers. Make sure to reply to their comments and feedback promptly while honoring their time and effort. Reply to negative comments with compassion and kindness to let your customers perceive you as a credible and valuable brand.

Try posting various contests and giveaways to entice more customers to participate in your online activities and boost your profile’s visibility. You can also post user-generated content, such as pictures and videos of your customers while driving your cars. It will increase customer loyalty and foster trust among your audience. Make sure to use hashtags with your posts to improve post appearance and bring new customers to your profiles.


Social media marketing for car dealerships is the ultimate way to connect with potential customers and showcase your brand identity. By following the tips and tricks that we’ve shared in this blog, you will be able to unfold new opportunities for your business to grow and shine. However, if you still find it overwhelming to start your social media efforts or optimize your business website, partner with our agency and let us do the magic!


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