Whether you are planning to give your earnings a good push or in need of some extra cash, get rid of some old stuff, selling it on Amazon is the perfect way to make some money online. Amazon offers an amazing platform to launch and scale an eCommerce business in simple ways.

However, the challenge faced by every online seller at Amazon, “How to get their products to rank higher in the search engines?”. This is a challenging thing that needs expert knowledge, and we are here to share that with you, so stick around till the end.

Your first step to understanding Amazon product ranking starts by understanding what is meant by “rank.” As a Seller on Amazon, the term rank can be referred to either your Best Sellers Rank (BSR) or your organic keyword rank. The Best Sellers Rank (BSR) represents your overall product ranking in your main product category; organic rank refers to the position in which your product appears in the results for a particular keyword search and is a function of keyword relevance and sales velocity.

In this article, we focus on strategies to improve organic ranking. It makes your products more likely to convert into sales and is a key driver of profitability.

Robust Ways to Rank higher on Amazon

Amazon works with a search algorithm system known as A9 that arranges products on search results pages according to their organic ranking. Amazon, using the algorithm, presents all shoppers with products they are most likely interested in, so the more relevant keywords you use in your listing, the more chances you have to be at the top of search results.

The ranking works where higher-ranked products appear at the top of the page, followed by lower-ranked products moving down the page.

It’s easier to conceptualize organic rank if we consider the absence of those determining factors. Let’s say you’re selling a cowboy hat. Still, somehow forget to include the keywords “cowboy” or “hat” anywhere in your listing; then, your products won’t show up for “cowboy hat” search results because there’s nothing in your listing telling Amazon that it’s relevant. And because it doesn’t show up in searches, your sales velocity probably isn’t that great.

So, to get your products to rank higher on relevant keywords, you have to optimize your listing, you get a higher conversion. Moreover, there are simple strategies you can follow to help increase your rank or take amazon product listing optimization services from professionals, and this can work for you.

Amazon SEO Tips to Optimize your Listing title

One of the most important ways to affect your Amazon listing title with amazon SEO is to entice customers and A9 with clues about your product’s relevance.

So whenever you are writing your title, be sure to place your most important keywords at the beginning so customers immediately know what you’re selling. Moreover, front-loading your title keywords is also vital because Amazon truncates long titles in certain categories.

After you pull customers in with your great title, the rest of your listing needs to sell them on your product.

Price your product Strategically

Amazon pricing can be competitive. So if you priced your product too high, customers might not opt for your product and look for a more affordable choice; and priced too low, and you could spark a “price war” that devalues your niche.

So, how do you exactly choose that perfect price for your products and times when the amazon product ranking tool can be more of a help.

  • Understand your profit margins. We recommend you aim for a profit margin between 25% and 30% after landed costs, seller fees, and amazon PPC spends.
  • Competitive Price. All you need to do is to figure out the average product price range and stay within it. Moreover, if you are launching a new product on your Amazon site, you can start at the lower end to get more sales and gradually increase the price.
  • Differentiate your Product. Is your product unique or of a better caliber than those of your rivals? Recognize your product by enhancing the problem areas your rivals’ clients note in their surveys. Then, highlight its superiority within your listing.

Optimize your images for Increased Conversion

Well, when we talk about images, it might not directly be influencing A9, but high-quality images in your listing can directly increase your conversion rate by improving the user experience for customers and resulting in sales boost.

We suggest you use a maximum number of allowed images on your listing to give customers the maximum information possible about your products.

The product’s main image must have a pure white background, but the others can feature eye-catching elements like interesting lifestyle settings, informative text, and logos.

Use info graphics and size comparisons or charts to provide important information that helps customers convert.

Unique Content Creation

So, whatever you sell must have a distinct description and details that directly appeal to your target audience. A common mistake that sellers make is using the manufacturer’s default description. You’ll notice this poses various issues, including:

You’ll want to take the time to describe the features and reveal the benefits that your audience may find most relevant. Once you recognize the grounds behind their need for your product, you’ll be in a position to write comprehensive and important product pages that inform your customers and generate more conversions.

Drive some Paid Traffic

One of the most effective ways to increase your Amazon ranking is by advertising your listing with PPC campaigns by driving external traffic to Amazon via Google and Facebook ads.

Before you go into paid traffic, we want you to know what is Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC ads allow you to target categories, keywords, and even competitors’ products. They are helpful when you are looking to generate more visibility for a newly launched product. An optimized listing can convert traffic generated by your advertising campaigns.

We suggest you regularly analyze your ads’ performance and make needful changes to increase returns on the ad spend. So as your ad campaigns convert into sales, you’ll see your sales rank improve.

Moreover, Amazon SEO tools can help you to improve your Amazon product ranking. Or you can hire a professional Amazon PPC agency that can help you get a higher return on your investment.

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