Finding it difficult to decide between offline vs online marketing? You may find it challenging to decide between a strategy worth investing in to grow your business. While digital marketing is growing businesses effectively, traditional marketing is nowhere lacking behind. However, every marketing techniques hold some pros and cons. We here in this article highlight all the benefits and cons of online and offline marketing so you can decide for your business.

Offline Marketing Techniques

Pros of Offline Marketing:

Offline campaigns are the best way to reach your targeted audience specific to demographics. For example, if you want to target CEOs, who may miss out on marketing emails and online ads due to lack of time. The Best Way to reach them is through Offline Marketing. Market your Bussiness with Newspaper ads, Magzine ads, & Flyers.

Offline Marketing is probably that you get a chance to interact with the target audience face-to-face. For example, Promotional activities in malls and roadside work great because they are affordable and open new opportunities for “personability” to build strong relationships, so digital interaction often fails to.

Offline marketing often comes with visible marketing materials such as; brochures, hard copies, flyers, etc. It holds benefits in numerous ways for enterprise marketing decisions. Offline marketing will always stay around, people get attracted to catchy designed business cards, flyers, and brochures.

Offline Marketing gives your audience something they can hold, feel and associate with your business. This can switch your marketing efforts from something passive and easily ignored to an active, authentic experience current and potential customers will remember. Create a positive spark!

Cons of Offline Marketing:

Offline marketing is expensive. Getting your service/products ads on TV, radio, or billboards comes at a big cost. For this advertising, businesses have to pay according to space and minutes. Confused? Well, let’s suppose your ad for real estate is of 3 mins, you will be paying more than other ads which are of 1min only. Offline advertising costs go up fast.

Traditional marketing is often an interruption for the audience – think of ads on You-tube, Spotify, TV commercials, or door-to-door salesmen. They come as an interruption to user experience, just to advertise and sell, which can be annoying and ineffective for the audience. According to surveys, 90% of the people skip the ads that interrupt the content they are watching.


Most marketers today focus only on sales and traffic acquisition and not on cost optimization. But to keep running the business it’s best to think about reducing CPA from the start because this way you will not have to think about ways to increase conversions later. Reducing the Cost per Acquisition can increase your Return on Investment (ROI) within a relatively short period.

Offline Marketing Techniques

Pros of Offline Marketing:

Online marketing offers your business a great opportunity to closely measure and track results instantly. You can use Google Analytics and various CRMs to track and improve marketing techniques.

Online marketing allows business owners to target relevant demographic audiences. You can filter out with certain age, location, gender, interests, and even shopping behaviors can be individually targeted.

The cost as a comparison to offline marketing is less. Online marketing is much cheaper than traditional marketing. Moreover, much online marketing is even free, such as social media posts and email marketing.

Online marketing also allows you to access real-time reporting. While in the case of traditional marketing, it takes weeks (or even longer) to collect data and results. With Online Marketing you get Higher Engagment at low cost.

Cons of Online Marketing:

Online Marketing requires technical knowledge & experience. Since online campaigns can also go wrong. You will need high technical expertise in technology & designing to run campaigns.

Some Ad blockers can seriously impact negatively by limiting your audience’s reach. More factors like banner blindness and user habits can dull the effectiveness of Online Marketing.

Reaching a Specific Audience

In this scenario when you are reaching out to a Specific Audience.

Whereas, on the other hand.

Offline Marketing has shown to produce effective results and let you focus on an incredibly small or specific audience; you can target 50 or even 2 people in a particular area with face-to-face interaction.

Our Point of View:

It will cost you less than £5 to print a flyer. And you can be certain with the person you want to hand over the flyer. However, it won’t be necessary that the target audience will buy your product/service.  Whereas the investment in online ad posts will be more, but if you create an effective ad and reach the targeted audience, the chances of conversion are 70% more.

Traditional Industries

In this scenario, you are targeting a Specific Industry.

Online Marketing lets specific industries reach out to the relevant audience through different techniques, keywords, ad campaigns, and more. It depends on the budget; if you are a small industry, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get results. You can use different discount approaches to acquire high results.

Whereas, on the other hand.

Offline Marketing lets Industries attract the audience with your product/services through different activities, such as door to door, roadside, malls, conferences, and more. These techniques help you interact with customers on a personal level. You get a chance to convince the customers and answer their queries face-to-face.

Our Point of View:

When we compare online and offline techniques catering to Specific industry needs, we see that at online marketing you have to pay a Digital Agency to help you rank through SEO. However, even if you are selling bags or give dental services, you can reach your target audience that is looking for similar products/services. Whereas, when it comes to offline marketing, you can not be specific when it comes to the target audience. You have to try and convince customers with face-to-face interactions why they need your services/product, which may cost more than online marketing. You have to try different activities, flyers, billboards, door-to-door selling, and more.

Companies with Big Budgets

Offline and online marketing channels are beneficial when your goal is to increase your customers, launch a new product/service, grow revenue. Companies with big budgets are recommended to use both offline and online techniques for their business. With online marketing, you can reach the World, and with offline marketing, you can convince with face-to-face interactions, with benefits both marketing holds cons too. However, if you have a big budget to invest in your business growth, then you can use both.

PPC campaigns like Google AdWords or Bing Ads. These search giants can help you grow and reach millions of people directly who are looking for similar services/products. However, you cannot reach the world with offline marketing tactics as it takes a lot of investment. Moreover, reaching the world with offline marketing is not possible.

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Queries of Online & Offline Marketing

SEO Service

Online Marketing is the future of Business Marketing. As a comparison to Offline Marketing, it is more measurable. You can get real-time results and measure the return on investment. Moreover, it is accessible to all types of businesses all over the Globe.


Online marketing gives the business boost and grow online sales, by increasing  your business more visible and accessible to a wider range of consumers. You can specifically target people who are already searching for products/services in your industry.


What works best for you?

Knowing what works best for your business is important. Before making any investment in marketing, do your research. Taking consultation from experts will be helpful. SEO BRISK offers a free consultation to business owners. You can share the goals you want to achieve and they can lead you there. Make a choice wisely!