Law Firms: How to’s for Social Media Marketing

Law Firms How to’s for Social Media Marketing

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With our experience in Social media advertising services for lawyers, we know how Social Media and Search Engine Optimization significantly impact website ranking. Despite that, we see many lawyers still fail to understand social media’s importance and make mistakes. When it comes to handling law firm social platforms, they put forward little effort.

Most popular social networks worldwide as of October 2020, ranked by number of active users

Our main motive behind writing this article is to highlight all the benefits lawyers and law firms can get by creating high engagements on Social Media platforms. Moreover, giving out some essential tips that our Digital Marketing experts use to build a robust online presence and develop prospective clients and referrals. 

Generating Quality Leads through Social Media for Lawyers

Let’s explain the strategy of online marketing with simple yet interesting scenarios.


Familiar with “Fishing”? Consider the online world as the sea. You and your competitor are standing at the shore side by side, having similar fishing tools and trying to catch maximum fish (traffic). Being smarter, your competitor uses a bigger net (website & social media) to increase his opportunity to catch the fish; however, you have limited your opportunity yourself with a smaller net. 

fishing scenario 1


Now, let’s change the scenario, and suppose that you have made the smart move and upgraded your net size to social media platforms, but you fail to understand why you still cannot outrank your competition. Maybe because your competitor has a creative team of social media marketers using only the best and most attractive lures. In contrast, you have a basic social presence. 

A professional looking Social Media profile should have custom made images, videos, and posts. Regular posting for your audience is beneficial for many reasons; the more you engage on social sites with your audience, the more the audience becomes familiar with your brand. The more authentic you become. 

If you’re not putting in enough effort, don’t be surprised when your competitors who have immersed themselves in better social media marketing are landing all the business.

scenario 2


Let’s take into consideration one final scenario. Imagine that your competitors are using hi-tech social media tools, such as DoodlyBufferHubspot, and more, to create unique and engaging content and managing it smartly. In contrast, you are randomly posting posts with low quality and uniqueness. 

Another mistake may be that while your law firm’s competitors are using analytics and reports to figure out the best spots to “fish the audience,” you’re wasting your time in the wide-open waters of the Internet. 

Hope these scenarios have cleared most of our points for you. Let’s now move towards some important tips coming straight from our Social Media Marketer for social media performance.

Be Actively “Social” on your Social Media Platforms

When We talk about Social Media platforms, such as FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, or others, only benefits if you are active “Social” on all these platforms, however, you might be making mistakes when it comes to being Social on Social Media; posting on your profiles daily is not consider as being Social.

To build an Actively Social Platform, you need to engage with your audience and other related pages, become a part of a conversation, share something informative for your audience. For Example: start a conversation with your audience on a new law passed. Suppose you want to create referral links from other quality social media profiles. In that case, using a strategy of only pasting your links won’t help. You need to introduce yourself to the audience; you need to have a point of view to share; starting a conversation is better, pasting your link in the comment section won’t be helpful; however, it is spammed. Such a bundle of links may damage your website later. Be “Actively Social” 

Don’t Focus on the Numbers of Followers

As a Lawyer, you are good at handling complicated lawsuits, but on the other hand, you may have little knowledge of how Social Media Platforms work. Many lawyers mistakenly believe that social media is all about number games and fixated on their number of Followers. Most of the lawyers buy followers.

Buying followers is a flawed strategy and a waste of money. Moreover, buying followers won’t get you any results or genuine leads. Don’t focus on buying followers because this way, you are just buying a number, and those followers are fake and won’t benefit your business anyway. These followers you buy are not interested in your services, nor will they engage in your posts. In short, you’re most likely purchasing a large number of fake social media accounts. 

Instead of keeping your focus on numbers of Followers, be patient, and work hard on building a creative and engaging social media presence, as it will eventually help you grow followers organically. Your main aim should be to grow your audience interested in your services and engage them in your content, firm, and practice areas.

Avoid Using Auto-Post Tools

Auto-Post takes time and consumes energy and efforts to grow your followers; it takes considerable time to engage on social media by posting relevant content. Many lawyers don’t have the time to devote to posting and sharing on a daily basis, so they turn to a cheap and convenient solution by using auto-posting tools and applications to automatically distribute their blogs or other content to their connected social media accounts. Setting your social media profiles to “autopilot” is bad for several reasons, including:

When you’re auto-posting, you’re not engaging or listening. In other words, you’re not “social.” Successful social media marketing for lawyers requires the human element of engagement.

Different social media platforms allow for different styles of posts. 

For example, Google Plus allows for embedded photographs, font styles (such as bold post headings), and more. However, Twitter only allows 140 characters. Facebook posts can be significantly longer and can include location and tags. When you auto-post the same message to different social media channels, you’re missing out on opportunities to customize your posts and increase engagement with your followers.

As a side note, at SEOBrisk, we don’t auto-post content. Instead, we increase your social media engagement by posting and sharing unique content that is relevant to your firm’s practice areas.

Utilize Higher Engagement Time for Your Social Media Posts

If you want effective social media engagement as a lawyer, you must utilize the timings that give higher engagement on social media posts. If you are posting at the wrong timings, your social posts will have a short life. 

For example, Getting engagement on Twitter is perhaps the most challenging task, as the posts on Twitter disappear faster, depending on the number of followers you have. 



Whereas the reach of your Facebook posts depends on Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm. Many different factors are taken into account, such as how relevant and engaging your post is to your audience. The point here to understand is that we recommend you to schedule the timing of your social media posts to reach and to engage the maximum number of followers.

Utilize Higher Engagement Time for Your Social Media Posts

Experienced Social Media marketers use social media platforms’ historical data and utilize analytic tools to create a precise engagement schedule. 

However, with the following information in the chart below, you will get a rough idea of the best and worst times to share your law firm’s content on social media:

Try to Engage with other Lawyers

In our experience, Lawyers rarely spend their time and energy engaging with other lawyers through social media. However, we recommend you not to overlook this engagement as you can get many potential sources of referrals. 


We have many stories of potential referrals that lawyers got, solely because they engaged with other lawyers as we suggested them to social media. Not all lawyers hold expertise in every area; when they get a client outside their practice area, they recommend lawyers they know, and you can be one of them. So, never underestimate the importance of engagement with other lawyers.

Try to Engage With Other Lawyers

Monitor Conversations around your Law Firm

Monitor conversations Around your Law Firm​

One of the primary uses of social media for lawyers is in brand listening. You can conduct branded keyword searches on social media to look for content and conversations around your firm. It is a great way to understand what people are saying about you and how they might be feeling about you.

You can even identify conversations where you can weigh in and demonstrate expertise, such as finding news and discussion about topics that are most relevant to your firm’s specializations.  If there are controversies going on in the legal space, being aware of social conversations can also help you avoid being caught off-guard or getting negative PR.

Make the most of social listening tools for more effective brand listening. You’ll be able to monitor conversations around your firm in real-time and identify trending topics in your industry. This can help you gain valuable audience insights and take necessary action at the right moment.

Create Informative YouTube Videos

Create Informative YouTube videos
Picture: The picture shows the Average Daily time spent on YouTube.

Informative YouTube videos are an essential platform that lawyers can utilize to educate and interact with their audience. YouTube is a widely used social media platform, as it is based on only videos, it is easier for lawyers to manage this platform; all you have to do is interact with your audience through engaging videos. Moreover, youtube videos allow you to inject your personality into the content. It makes them a lot more engaging than other content formats.

Moreover, through YouTube, you will be appealing to the huge audience that prefers to consume video content over text content. So you have to make sure that you regularly create YouTube videos to explain relevant law topics, tell them interesting stories, and guide them on different things. You could even conduct interviews with industry thought leaders and use their clout to attract new viewers.

Don’t Overdo Self-Promotion

Everyone feels good when they are recognized for their excellent works. Making an occasional post about the recent lawsuit you won, or maybe an award you recently achieved, is good. However, if you’re always bragging about your accomplishments and accolades instead of being social, then you’re going to alienate your followers.

Don’t Create Spamming Signals to Boost Your Social Media Platforms

Go for a strategy that meets the Google algorithm and guidelines. If you create spamming signals on social media wishing to attract more audience to your posts, it will later backfire for you, as Google catches up on every “spamming” attempt you make to boost your online ranking on Google. Focus on growing naturally and organically. However, authentic engagement may take longer, but this is a practice that is safe and will eventually benefit your ranking in the long run. Moreover, working organically will help you, and your ranking won’t get affected by the next Google update algorithm. You will stay safe and won’t get penalized for making spammy online marketing efforts.


Don’t Overdo Self-Promotion


So, if you want to showcase your legal services to your targeted audience, it’s time you start to get Social. As a lawyer, it’s understandable that you may have little time and energy on building Social platforms. We want to guide all the lawyers through this article and clear out all the doubts you have. 

So, a little planning and focus on every social platform will give your law firm a great advantage. Whether you have just started a law firm or a service provider for years, managing social media may consume equal time and energy for both. If you doubt that you cannot handle your social media on your own, you can, however, contact our Social Media Advertising team. Lets Talk. 

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Law Firms How to’s for Social Media Marketing
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Law Firms: How to’s for Social Media Marketing

With our experience in Social media advertising services for lawyers, we know how Social Media and Search Engine Optimization significantly impact website ranking. Despite that, we

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