10 Tips for Boosting the SEO of your Website this Holiday Season

The time of Christmas holidays is considered to be the best of the year. Fortunately, it is an excellent opportunity for marketers to boost SEO strategies to drive more sales and revenue.

To do so, organic SEO services play an essential role in generating effective traffic to the website. It is because countless brands use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to harness an increased number of customers towards their products and services.

Do you know that compared to digital marketing, SEO lowers customer acquisition costs by an average of 87.41 percent? Isn’t this amazing? Now you can reach a large number of your target audience by spending less money.

On the flip side, the SEO process isn’t easy as it appears to be; nevertheless, here’s a list of 10 beneficial tips and tricks that can guide you better to boost your website during this festive period of the year.

So, let’s have a closer look!

1. Identifying and Analyzing the Competitors

The first significant step is to identify and analyze your business’s competitors. The primary purpose of a competitive analysis is to help you find your potential customers with target keywords, backlinks and content strategy.


For example, an automobile company intends to rank higher than other auto firms using the keyword “Best Automobile Company in New York”. However, instead of worrying about being on the organic SEO listings, you can consider how your contenders have succeeded with their online presence.

2. Use the Right Keywords

The second essential tip is to find out the right target keywords for the client’s websites. Once you have gathered the list of keywords, re-evaluate them carefully with higher search volumes and traffic.


Use Ahref’s keyword explorer to find a relevant list of keywords. Also, do not stuff keywords into your content; Google regularly targets spam-filled content, whether taking them down or giving them a very poor ranking. Thus, try to avoid it as much as possible.

3. Simple and Easy Content

The SEO content must be simple and easy yet creative enough to entice a large audience towards the website. For instance, do not use a set of jargon which is not understandable to the common people; instead, make them aware of your business quickly.


Keep in mind that marketers who prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to generate profit from the SEO strategy. Thus, if you are still confused about the implementation of SEO strategies effectively, don’t panic; you can browse for a reliable SEO agency in USA for assistance.

4. Well-Structure Your Posts

Even if your post has excellent content, a disjointed or cluttered format can distract the readers from reading it till the end. However, to eliminate such minor blunders, use H1 in the headings and add shorter paragraphs to keep the readers glued to the material. In addition, for the subtitles, use H2; it will give a more precise and authentic look to your entire content.


Add keywords to your main and sub headings. Underneath these headings, make sure to use bullet points that enable showing your write-up on the first page on google.

5. Build Landing Pages for the Holidays

The process of keyword research will highlight the best chances for content generation. “Black Friday”, “Cyber Monday”, and “Thanksgiving” sales are a couple of well-known ones over the holidays. However, guaranteed SEO results are possible with a greater focus on the landing pages.

Since landing pages are used by 68 percent of B2B companies to generate potential leads, you should begin with the right and relevant keywords.

6. Optimize Social Media Channels

A Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram account is fundamental to advertising your website to global customers. However, optimizing your social media networks is integral and can be an excellent tool for exposing your website’s visibility.


When performing basic SEO, don’t forget about social media. It is advisable to disperse your content throughout social platforms and maximize your reach worldwide.

7. Incorporate Images and Infographics

Images and infographics make your posts stand out uniquely since people love visuals. However, including relevant photos in your SEO content might significantly impact driving increased traffic.


Images and Gifs are indeed common; however, avoid using them excessively. As the image moves, it will make it difficult for readers to follow your brand’s message, and also, they make your page load more slowly.

8. Implementation of Google Authorship

With a Google+ account, you can quickly and easily link content to a specific author using Google Authorship. As a result, your articles will appear in the search results as rich snippets that include the author’s photo and the article title.


Google Authorship can boost the number of people who click to read your content. So, learn how to set up Authorship for your website.

9. Stimulate Organic Link Building

Although link creation has advanced much since it is a crucial ranking component for SEO. However, according to Ahref, a page acquires more guaranteed website rankings when it contains more backlinks. A link back to your website ensures that you include a link to one of your articles or websites in your content. For example, it can be found on a homepage, blog/articles, and website images.


Always aim for quality while creating SEO content to boost its shareability and the possibility that other websites will link to it.

10. Be Mindful and Monitor SEO Activities

You must maintain SEO-friendly content by keeping track of your SEO efforts. With Google Analytics, tracking your page views and the time spent on each page is simple and free. To get a sense of how consumers engage with your website after viewing your content, look at metrics, for example, bounce rates and maximum time spent on the site.


Try to revamp your content, for instance, keywords and titles, as per the modifications of Google Analytics. It will help you to write and adjust the content as per the evolving changes.

Final Words!

So, now you know about the 10 best SEO tips that can help boost your website during this Christmas holiday season. Ready to get started? Feel free to contact SEO Brisk if you are interested in promoting your business on a large global scale. View our organic SEO services now and let our skilled SEO consultant know how to assist you.

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