The traditional way of doing business is slowly losing its charm as the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs moves fast towards the online business. If strategized correctly, your business can reach a new level of growth.

And it’s not just with entrepreneurs, today new ways of doing business are also leaving their mark on consumers. Concerning the UPS study, almost 70% of users said they prefer their favorite retailer to have an online presence.

However, building an online business is trickier than you’ve imagined. Building an online presence takes expertise, time, patience, and durability to overcome every hurdle and run successful e-commerce. So now, if you are ready to leave your mark in this burgeoning digital economy and are resolute in your desire, then these 10 experts’ do’s, and don’ts on how to start a small online business will be beneficial.

1. Do use Expertise when Building your Website Presence

Today thousands of enthusiastic entrepreneurs are testing their luck in the digital world with creative business ideas. So, the competition is high, and to stand out in the competition, you need a pleasing, professional look for your website.

In the digital world, the way you sell your products & services through content matters, but one cannot ignore the importance of design as your website design is the first thing that builds an impression of your business on the consumer.

There are many free website designs that you can use to create your websites. Moreover, you will find proper step-by-step guidelines on how to start a Small Business online & how to build a website. However, you can always hire professional website designers & developers if you wish to have a customized website design.

2. Don't make assumptions that your Target Audience will find your Site

Build an attractive website, sell unique products, offer good customer service, and people will find your business on their own. This concept only works for business in a Disney world, but unfortunately, it does not work anymore when we talk about the real world.

The internet is a massive sea, with millions of business owners offering similar products and services like yours; your chances to get organic traffic without putting any strategy and planning is close to 1% only.  To get organic traffic, you will need Small Business Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Social media marketing to aid your business.
So, enough assumptions and work on your website visibility as it won’t happen on its own.

3. Do work on Building a Strong presence

As said, you learn from your experiences, but it’s not possible to cross the bridge once you reach the river. Starting with everything planned and doing a risk analysis is a smart approach that every business owner should follow.

It makes it look really tempting to be courageous and just go out on the battlefield, but you have to make sure you have readied your weapons and prepared a decent backup plan. Some mistakes are costly to fix, so make sure you do the best you can to prevent them from happening. Taking assistance from a professional agency offering online marketing for small business might be of real help.
It’s essential to take care of technical issues such as finding a trustworthy hosting solution, managing the security of your website, along with other non-technical issues such as scalability of business, customer support, and market penetration right from the beginning.


4. Don't try to Manage Everything Single-Handedly

As the founder, leader, or marketer of the business, you may be running a one-man show. While it is a proud moment, practically, it takes a lot to spend your entire day trying to bring everything into balance, later exhausting yourself to an extent where you start doubting your own business idea.

Suppose you want your business idea to reach the desired growth. In that case, it is important to manage your time and work in a team; you cannot handle everything on your own; however, everyone has their expertise; partnering up with some experts from the field will lower the risk and help you grow smoothly. Don’t overload your work bucket; keep your focus on one thing at a time.

5. Do reserve Budget for Tests and Trials

If you, as an entrepreneur, think that your idea is brilliant and unique, then give it a second thought, as every seed you sow does not necessarily turn out as a fruit ripping tree. Though you are so passionate about your idea, keep in mind that failures are part of success.

So before investing a huge amount of your energy into that idea, use that reserve budget you kept for tests and trials and start taking surveys and selling samples into the market to get organic feedback as this might reduce chances of failure beforehand.

6. Don't put features above strategy

It’s easy to be quickly overwhelmed with your efforts. It’s good if people of certain demographics are giving you good reviews, but you can always paint a bigger picture.

There are always voids in the market which need filling and always room to innovate something new. If a month has passed and you are still trying to refine negligible design elements, then you are stuck in the vicious loop of feature bias. Focus on more important aspects, the ones that increase the output, not just the appeal.

7. Do Prioritize Customer Service

“People are entitled to their opinions, and they are opinionated.”

So, when you work as a business owner, always be prepared for all sorts of feedback from your customers. You may have positive and negative types of comments and feedback; from your customers. Never let the negative feedback pull down your confidence. Moreover, never react negatively to negative feedback. Try to be responsive to your customers always; it may take a lot of time and effort but reply to every customer query and cater to them with positivity.  Never consider feedback from your customer as a waste of time; you should acknowledge and value every opinion.

Your customers help you point out frailties that you otherwise would have ignored. Evaluate their suggestion and work for a remedy. If you listen to your customers, it also develops a bond of loyalty and trust.

8. Don't miscalculate your Success

While working in the E-commerce business, always remember to calculate your success yearly. As eCommerce is not rocket science. It’s seasonal. It will have its carnival and its droughts. You have to compare your success year-over-year; don’ts ever compare your growth quarter-over-quarter, as eCommerce is highly seasonal.

Comparing your August website traffic to your September data will surely not give you a clear picture of your business progress. You should set aside a statistically accurate interval and compare your metrics. Compare August to August, Summer to Summer, or year to year if you want an accurate report of your progress.

9. Do Efficiently Manage Your Email Lists

So, now when you have a strong online presence and have completed all your homework for your website success, working on email marketing as soon as you launch an eCommerce store is an important step you should never skip. Email marketing is one of the proven ways to boost your eCommerce; your traffic.

Moreover, adding email lists as a key performance indicator is the best way to measure your success. However, if you ignore this part, you might find yourself sunk in a rabbit hole trying to pay your way out through advertising, sponsored content, and other paid outlets.

10. Don't Give Up on Your Dream

It’s easy to lose hope, get frustrated when things are not going the way you thought they would. But as said

It takes time and patience to test out an idea thoroughly. And success does not come overnight. So just believe in your idea, and if you strongly believe that you genuinely have a million-dollar idea, then after running some tests and trials, put your feet on the paddle and push the accelerator towards your journey. Take the risk because many well-established businesses out there start when individuals believe in the idea they have. And more importantly, once you establish your idea, don’t abruptly desert your project because it’s not working well for the time being, because it just takes relentless hard work, and there is always a silver lining. So, always believe in yourself and take care of the Do’s and Don’ts of Small Business Online.

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