After launching a LinkedIn platform back in 2013, it was perceived as a professional networking site, where recruiters can hunt for professional candidates looking for a job and wise versa. Within less than two decades, LinkedIn attracted a wide 800 million users spread across 200 countries.

Today LinkedIn is not known only as a platform that connects employers to job seekers; rather, it is now transformed as an extremely useful marketing tool to grow businesses.

So, at this point, it has become very significant for every business to get a professional and effective LinkedIn marketing strategy and a professional execution, to build brand awareness and generate a strong long-term relationship. You have no idea how effective LinkedIn strategy can be; you can generate a lot of leads through it.

Before we dig into the best ways to create a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy, let’s consider why it is so important.

Why LinkedIn Marketing Strategy is so Important?

LinkedIn’s biggest advantage is that, unlike other platforms, the platform is frequently used by decision-makers, senior-level influencers, and thought leaders. So if you want to grab the attention of some top-level professionals, then you need to work on your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy.

You can hire a professional Linkedin Marketing Agency and they can help you grow your business easily. If we compare LinkedIn with other social networking sites, such as Instagram and Facebook, it offers a goldmine of opportunities for B2B marketers.

Take a look at the infographic that is published by LinkedIn. 

A Robust LinkedIn strategy is significant for business success. It can not help its business to grow their awareness among people, but also increase website traffic and increase quality leads. Moreover, it can also help establish your business as a leader in the industry.


However, promoting your business on LinkedIn is not easy; you need a clear set of tactics and goals. To develop an effective LinkedIn strategy you need an in-depth understanding of trends and targeted audience. 

Now, let’s now take a look at some best ways to create a successful LinkedIn Strategy

1. Define Your Business Goals

The published content and the approach that you use to distribute the content on LinkedIn depends on the final objective. This is the reason it is very important to outline your business goals. 

Your strategies may target one or more of the following goals:

2. Understand Your Audience

Once you are clear with your marketing goals, it’s time to move on to defining your targeted audience. That’s essential to develop a strong LinkedIn marketing strategy. You can easily outline your audience based on numerous parameters such as location, industry, job title, etc.

Let’s suppose you want to promote your ebook and sell more copies; in this case, your target audience is marketing professionals.

Moreover, it is significant to have a deep understanding of your existing audience to define your target audience. Successful LinkedIn marketing focuses on understanding what they like and who your audience is; use the analytics section on your Company Page to learn more about your page visitors and followers.

You can gain meaningful insights about your audience and the type of content they want to read. This will help you built a customized LinkedIn strategy to cater to the needs of your audience.

3. Create an Attractive Company Page

Your LinkedIn Company Page is probably the greatest resource of your LinkedIn promoting technique. It is one of the main ways your target audience will have with your business. All things considered, it should assist them with getting the hang of all that they need to think about your business. This incorporates your data about your items/services, workers, and headquarters, and so on.

Make sure you provide all your company data, your logo, website URL, company size, industry, and other details. Adding all these details will help you build up your company’s credibility and can indirectly help make a stronger marketing strategy.

Moreover, you should also craft an appropriate description that conveys crucial details about your company and its offerings.

You should add an attractive cover image that resonates with your business. An attractive business image will strengthen your business credibility and professionalism.

4. Company Page Optimization

Just like the website, your LinkedIn company page also needs optimization. Only an optimized company page will get increased visibility among others on search results. 

Optimization makes it easier for your audience to learn more about your business using LinkedIn as well as search engines. You can do your page optimization using the following techniques:

Keywords are very important when it comes to optimization and ranking, be it a website or LinkedIn profile. Don’t limit your targeted keywords to your site only. Identify the keywords and phrases targeting your audience and then incorporate them into your company description as well as your list of specialties.

Quite possibly, the main factor that directs the web search tool positioning of a page is its inbound linking. Accordingly, you need to improve your LinkedIn Company Page for search to robust your LinkedIn marketing procedure. The least difficult way is to give links to your page. These could be on your site, newsletter, blogs, social media profiles, and more. You ought to urge your workers to finish their own LinkedIn profiles and add your organization as their employers to grow your network. This makes more connections to your Company Page and eventually helps your inbound connection profile. Thus, your LinkedIn advertising gets a lift.

Moreover, creating engaging and knowledgeable content for your LinkedIn can help you engage more audience. Update your profile with relevant content and index the content on Google. This will improve your search engine rankings and helps your LinkedIn Page climb up the ladder of search results.

5. Analyze Your Competition

You can only build a strong strategy if you know about your competition. So, before you apply a strategy, you need to analyze how you can stand up against your competitors.

The platform provides you with an efficient feature called “Companies to track” that will reveal you a list of companies that are offering similar services and products like yours. Moreover, it also gives you access to a few key metrics, which include the number of followers they have, their growth statics, and social media engagement.

Now, you need to run an evaluation on these competitor’s pages to understand your company’s position. This will make it easy for you to identify what is working well for them and integrate those tactics into your own LinkedIn marketing strategy.

6. Promote to Boost Your Profile

Compelling a LinkedIn Page is just the first step, and remember that it is of no use if you cannot attract organic followers and grow your audience through it. So, in addition to optimization for search engines, you need to encourage more and more audiences to follow your profile. Increasing your visibility can be crucial, but this is part of a  successful marketing strategy.

So the more you promote your profile and the more followers your gain will increase the reach of your content.  And more followers also work to grow your company’s credibility.

The first step you can take is to ask all your employees to become a follower. Moreover, we recommend you add a ” Follow” button in your email signature and newsletters as well that can direct your audience to your LinkedIn profile. 

This will apply your website visitors and subscribers to become a follower with a single click. Also, you can invite your existing customers to follow your profile. 

These ways are proven to generate results for numerous Marketing agency for LinkedIn.

7. Create Engaging & Relevant Content

Attracting numerous followers to your Company Page is not an easy task. However, attracting thousands of followers doesn’t mark the end of your LinkedIn marketing strategy. The real challenge is to retain the audience and engage them. The only way to achieve this is by publishing and sharing meaningful content that will resonate with your audience.

The content quality can make or break your LinkedIn Profile. You cannot publish content on LinkedIn without a thorough understanding of why people spend their time on this platform.  You also need to understand what the audience wants to read.

No matter what type of content you create, make sure you don’t make an obvious attempt at self-promotion. That can affect your marketing strategy in a negative way.

Moreover, to promoting and publishing your own content, it’s important to share other published content. It adds a spark to your Company Page and helps you build a strong bond with other Businesses. This, in turn, will help make your marketing strategy even more effective.

Additionally, always update a descriptive caption, attractive image, appropriate emojis, bullet points with your content. It is significant you break only text-based articles. We recommend that you use relevant hashtags with your posted content to increase its visibility.

8. Use Attractive Images & Videos

It’s is very important to get maximum audience engagement on your LinkedIn profile for a successful strategy. So, what is the best practice to grab attention? Well, you need to use images and videos in your articles.

According to LinkedIn, attractive images lead to a 2x higher comment rate, and LinkedIn videos are 5x more likely to start a conversation.

Moreover, you can also upload PDFs and SlideShare presentations to make your content more engaging and attractive.

After the new LinkedIn update now you can now allow upload videos directly onto the platform. And it is said that LinkedIn gives more priority to its native videos over linked videos. So just utilize this feature to the fullest by uploading videos directly to the platform rather than sharing YouTube links.

LinkedIn only allows a video short to 1-2 minutes with proper subtitles. However, it is important to consider the recommendation. Upload authentic videos that appropriately reflect your business.

Despite being easy to implement, many marketers overlook this LinkedIn marketing strategy. To stay ahead of your competitors, you need to leverage this strategy.

9. Utilize Your Workforce

It’s important to understand that your workforce can be a great help on the growth path. Your employees and colleagues can help you grow your audience and reach on LinkedIn. Therefore, it is an important step to utilize them correctly.

In addition to following your Company Profile, you should encourage your employees to promote your updates. So, just start by notifying them whenever you are publishing a new article or news on your profile; the more share you get, the more engagement you will get.

Moreover, keep a check that all your employees have an updated profile, with your Company as their employer, and provide a link to your Company Page. Even this small step can help you grow your business awareness and network.

Keep an Updated LinkedIn Profile

While you are focused on employees profiles, make sure you also have an updated personal profile on LinkedIn. You may think your personal profile might not have an impact directly. But it does; your personal profile is the personal touch to your business that can help you make your business image more powerful. Don't forget to mention all of your special skills and professional achievements.

Utilize LinkedIn Analytics

To stay ahead, you need to significantly evaluate your LinkedIn strategy regularly. We have already highlighted to you how your LinkedIn profile analytics can give you insights you need to know your audience better. Moreover, the analytics feature on LinkedIn helps you analyze your performance. But in order to see the analytics, you have to know how the "Updates" section of your Company Page works. You will find a table that reveals different parameters such as clicks, impressions, engagement, CTR, etc., for each of your posts. All this information then can be used to analyze which of the updated content is receiving maximum engagement. Your LinkedIn strategy will get assistance through this analytics and help you in future content creation ideas.

10. Always Keep a Track

So, whenever you are publishing content on your LinkedIn, always add links to your website and other blogs. Your readers might find your published content interesting and lead to your website or blogs through given links.

Moreover, with an analyzed strategy, many readers may end up on any of your landing pages on your site and may fill your form or subscribe to your newsletter. They might become interested and fill up the information on the given site form. So if you keep track of your website, you can get an idea about that audience that is landing on your website through the LinkedIn page. And this might encourage you to work more on your profile. 

Ready to Create a Successful LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

LinkedIn offers a box of opportunities to your business to make new connections with decision-makers and professional influencers. Over the decades, this platform has grown into a powerful marketing tool that can grow your build business awareness and help you sell more products and services.

So this is the right time to recognize its importance and start working to craft a powerful LinkedIn Strategy.

For a successful LinkedIn b2b marketing strategy, you need a deep understanding of your goals and target audience. Just make sure your Company page is optimized because that is the key to success.

Moreover, you will also need a solid and customized content strategy which you can take from any professional LinkedIn Marketing Services agency. They can help you create appealing posts for your LinkedIn profile.

Also, be sure to use all available resources to boost your LinkedIn marketing strategy. This should include your existing workforce to increase the reach of your LinkedIn updates and Company Page. Lastly, track your website traffic using tools like Lead feeder to find which companies are visiting your website from LinkedIn.

Share any other tactics that have worked for your LinkedIn page in the comment section below.

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